Alexander Channels The Soundscapes of Purgatory With Debut EP “I” And Single “Astral Descent” Friday October 30 2020, 1:58 PM
Alexander Channels The Soundscapes of Purgatory With Debut EP “I” And Single “Astral Descent”

L-R - Kyle Alexander McDonald (Voices, Bass, Sub Synth) and Jörg Alexander Schneider (Drums, Percussion)

Alexander knows no bounds, not physically nor musically. Convening via their shared appreciation of experimentation and true artistic expression within music and sound, the duo realized the time had come to create a metaphysical exploration in the realm of darkness with an album titled “I” as the result.

Consisting of frontman Kyle McDonald of Canadian Mantra Doom band ZAUM and drummer Jörg Schneider of German Free Jazz band Jealousy Mountain Duo, Alexander identifies a connection and feeling within their individual creative headspace, allowing each of them to blindly lead the other further into the raw depths of unexplored regions. Commenting on how listeners will take the first release:

“Fans of our other musical endeavours should find this fits quite almost as expected in a sense. No lyrics, writing is channeled directly from the fringe of the universe. Reconsider the reality of your existence, in the present moment. Allow yourself to have your perspective altered!”

The single “Astral Descent” is the first glimpse into the monolithic funeral drone experience Alexander promises its listeners. The dark and intangible descent into madness echoes with reverberation and drawn out riffs.  Drums on “I” were recorded in Hückelhoven, Germany, with all other instrumentation and sounds recorded, mixed, and mastered in Moncton, NB, Canada. 

Listen to “Astral Descent” on  YouTube .

Alexander is Canada’s Kyle Alexander McDonald (Voices, Bass, Sub Synth, and FX) and Germany’s Jörg Alexander Schneider (Drums, Percussion).  Beyond the name being a shared common point, both veteran musicians got their start in music on drums; own and operate a recording studio on their respective continent, and have toured over 250 tour dates on each other's continent in previous bands.

Just now commencing their audiological voyage, Alexander suggests that several more experimental funeral drone albums will follow. Alexander is recommended for fans of Sunn O))), Boris, and Merzbow.

“I” is out October 31st via Superbob Records on 12” LP.

Album Teaser - YouTube

Album order in Germany/Europe - https:// schneidercollaboration.

Album order in Canada/USA  - http://alexanderseye.bandcamp. com

Track Listing:
1. Astral Descent (15:14)
2. Runes (19:23)
Album Length: 34:38

For more info: alexanderfuneraldrone


Brothers of ALEXANDER separated by a dark raging body of water, Canada to Germany – connected once again.

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