Montreal Thrash HOMICIDE Celebrate The 25th Anniversary of "Malice and Forethought" Tuesday October 27 2020, 8:00 PM
Montreal Thrash HOMICIDE Celebrate The 25th Anniversary of "Malice and Forethought"

L-R - Bryan Donahue - Guitar, Mac - Bass, Scotty - Drums, and at bottom Gab - Vocals / Guitar 

Montreal’s Homicide unleashed their new album “Left For Dead” this past August since their first offering of 1995's "Malice and Forethought" released 25 years ago. In celebration of their debut full-length's 25th anniversary, the band has made the record available for download, stream, and a limited amount of CDs for thrashers around the globe.

The band comments:

"We are very excited about the first-ever digital version of 'Malice and Forethought'. It will be cool to hear it in a digital format after listening to it on a boom box for so many years. We look forward to being on all of your fave platforms that you enjoy headbanging to. Both 'Malice and Forethought' and 'Left For Dead' are the soundtracks for listeners who are looking to conquer the world. Whether you’re driving, working out, or just looking for something to bang your head to, the fast and furious styling of Homicide is going to hit the spot."

All killer and no filler Homicide is suitable for fans of Venom, Exodus, and Motorhead. What has been coined as “apocalyptic thrash” came back for fans when Homicide released their sophomore album "Left For Dead" on August 21st of this year. With a considerable amount of experience under their belts, the new album promises to be an instant classic. A no holds barred tour de force. 

"Malice and Forethought" along with the band's latest release "Left For Dead" are available on Bandcamp (CD), Spotify, and Apple Music, and other digital platforms here . Physical CDs can be ordered on (yes is the correct domain).

Song Stream - Death Train - YouTube (from "Malice and Forethought")

Lyric Video - Scourge God - YouTube (from "Left For Dead")

Track Listing:
1. Death Train (4:02)
2. Malice And Forethought (2:24)
3. Bring Back The Rope (3:48)
4. Abductor (6:22)
5. Unspeakable Evil (2:59)
6. Violent Hostility (4:37)
7. Nocturnal Shock Syndrome (3:33)
8. Rampage (4:47)
9. Cruel By Instinct (5:59)
Album Length: 38.36

More info:

Formed in Montreal in the extremely vibrant metal/hardcore/crossover music scene of the early 1990's, Homicide was, at the time, an amalgamation of members from other heavy-hitting bands on the scene who had developed strong followings and solid reputations in their own right. Gab Morency of Corrupted Youth (guitar/vocals) and Bryan Donahue of Damaged (guitar) began writing together after discovering that they had similar heavy influences and interests such as Motorhead, Slayer and Venom.

Morency had been renting a room in an extensive apartment building that also housed the jam space of local heavyweights Lizard. This is where the raucous rhythm section of Greg Mcleary (bass) and Scotty MacCulloch (drums) of Lizard heard the riffs from Morency and Donahue and decided that they had to join in on the heaviness that was transpiring.

After a period of only a few weeks, Homicide had begun recording what would be their first album “Malice and Forethought”. This catapulted them into the scene, where they played alongside and held their own with the likes of Voivod, Death, and Merciful Fate just to name a few. These performances granted Homicide a reputation for one of the best live bands performing on the scene with crowd-pleasers such as “Bring Back the Rope” about lax capital punishment policies and “Death Train” giving a nod to the devastation of terrorism in the poison gassing of a Japanese subway line.

With a sound that can be coined as “Apocalyptic Thrash”, Homicide went underground for many years and it was presumed that the band was no longer. However, 2020 brought the band members together again they recorded a new album “Left For Dead” which compared to the first album will be like going from light beer to moonshine. Homicide is back and fully amped to be bringing fast, aggressive to new and old fans around the world.

Homicide's "Left For Dead" is due out August 21, 2020.

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