HAUNT premiere 'St. Vitus Dance' Vol. 4 [Redux] Thursday October 15 2020, 6:08 PM
HAUNT premiere 'St. Vitus Dance' Vol. 4 [Redux]

HAUNT have premiered 'St. Vitus Dance' via official media partner Rolling Stone at the following link: www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/black-sabbath-vol-4-tribute-comp-haunt-st-vitus-dance-1072285

HAUNT's cover of the BLACK SABBATH classic 'Under the Sun', which Rolling Stone has called a "a rousing and righteously shredding track" is the fourth digital single taken from the forthcoming MER Redux series installment "Vol. 4 [Redux]". More information about this record can be found below.

'St. Vitus Dance' is now also available via YouTube:

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Graphic materials are avilable at this link: https://shwca.se/vol4redux

HAUNT comment: "Black Sabbath just spoke to me instantly", recalls mastermind Trevor William Church. "I definitely wanted to steer my way musically towards Ozzy's style of singing from the second, I heard his voice. For me, the voice is what really brought everything to life in Black Sabbath. Although, I do admire everyone in the original Sabbath line-up, Ozzy pulled me in. Having already done a Sabbath worship-style band "Beastmaker", I really wanted to try and do something different as 'Haunt', which was something of a challenge. It's a very simple guitar song with very few frills. Haunt is not like that at all. So doing some solos just seemed really fitting, but with the original, the drum style was a bit difficult for me to come up with anything creative solo wise. So, I speed it up to something, I could solo over."

HAUNT were conceived as a old school heavy metal solo project by American guitarist and vocalist Trevor William Church, who still remains as the band's exclusive lyricist and songwriter. Having grown into a live performing quartett, the shooting stars from Fresno, California released their debut album "Burst into Flame" in 2018 and immediately created a global buzz. Spurred by their early success and bursting with creative energy, HAUNT followed-up with more recordings in qiuck succession including three full-lengths "If Icarus Could Fly" (2019), "Mind Freeze" and "Flashback", which both came out in 2020.


1. THOU - Wheels of Confusion
2. THE OBSESSED - Tomorrow's Dream
3. HIGH REEPER - Changes
5.  SPIRIT ADRIFT - Supernaut
6. GREEN LUNG - Snowblind
7.  WHORES - Cornucopia
8. TONY REED - Laguna Sunrise
9.  HAUNT - St. Vitus Dance
10.  ZAKK SABBATH - Under the Sun

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Magnetic Eye bows at the Birmingham altar to celebrate  BLACK SABBATH's 50th anniversary  with an offering of an  end-to-end re-imagining of "Vol. 4" , which still remains as one of the most acclaimed albums in the canon of these godfathers of heavy metal.

A pantheon of  metal and doom heavyweights , including some of metal’s most famously SABBATH-inspired icons,  pay homage to "Vol. 4" , which witnessed the masters expanding their minds over their weighty foundation.

"Vol. 4 [Redux]"  features stunning takes on each song from that  indisputable classi c, which includes  unique tributes  among others by ZAKK SABBATH, MATT PIKE, THE OBSESSED, HAUNT, THOU, and SPIRIT ADRIFT.

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Available formats
► Digisleeve CD
► Limited edition white/purple marble vinyl
► Limited edition yellow vinyl
► Worldwide edition black vinyl

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