All For Naught by Goatcraft Sunday August 27 2017, 1:21 PM
All For Naught by Goatcraft

SaiLightManX - There is an immense feeling of foreboding, at times, though a light amidst a vast ocean of endless woe is subtly made perceptible, and i must admit that it makes it all the more rewarding. absolutely beautiful music, can't get enough of it, i highly recommend it. 

trisha - Haunting music. It makes my mind so dark and also everything surrounding me. I want to be in an old run down theatre in the dark with him playing on the stage by candlelight. The walls dripping red. 

ProvokingDrama -  Piano for the damned.

N. Lord -  While I've long thought the metal ethos could be expressed with piano, rather than the usual bassist + guitarist + drummer + vocalist format, it took until 2013 with the arrival of Goatcraft for this to happen. A sublime work of necro-classical to accompany you on moonlit walks. 

Andrew Green -  This is great broody, mood music. The application of atmosphere and piano is an excellent, refreshing change of pace.

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