DRUNKEN FOOLS • Atmospheric Rock • World record with new music video! Monday October 12 2020, 12:00 AM
DRUNKEN FOOLS • Atmospheric Rock • World record with new music video!

DRUNKEN FOOLS • 2020 • Meike Matzen

Maleen Stangier • Gesang
Sönke Martens • Gitarre & Gesang
Frank Hauschildt • Bass
Jasmin Grünau • Keyboard & Gitarre
Viola Dolenc • Geige
Marcus Junge • Schlagzeug
Sebastian Reimers • Technik und Equipment
DRUNKEN FOOLS, consisting of Sönke Martens (guitar and vocals), Maleen Stangier (vocals), Jasmin Grünau (keyboards), Viola Dolenc (violin), Frank Hauschildt (bass), Marcus Junge (drums) and Sebastian Reimers (technical equipment), implement the idea of video producer and director Fritjof Heyn from Marne. The horror film fan created the concept and refers to the B-movie classic "Braindead" by Peter Jackson: "I calculated how much blood per minute was used in 'Braindead'. We have to beat this figure to shoot the bloodiest music video of all time", genre-enthusiast Heyn says about the unusual project.

The lyrics of "Blutnacht" describe the night before a medieval battle. The fighters celebrate properly and drink themselves courageously for the coming day.
"The whole concept of our new album is based on the books of Bernard Cornwell, which were already filmed in the TV series 'The Last Kingdom'", tells singer and guitarist Sönke Martens, who wrote the lyrics for the music. The story is set in England around the year 1.000 AD.

The video shoot itself requires a lot of effort - especially for an amateur band. Among others, the group secured the cooperation with Carsten Delle from Haale, who has already been an extra in various TV productions and can provide a huge stock of medieval props.

DRUNKEN FOOLS record the whole upcoming album in the Holstein recording studio in Seefeld. In close cooperation with its owner, music producer Allan Murdoch (Ex-Highlander, Ex-Message), the basic framework for the new tracks is currently being created. It is planned to release "Blutnacht" initially as video and single in advance.
"The cooperation with Allan takes our music to a whole new level. We will sound harder and more rocking than on our last release", drummer Marcus Junge reports.

DRUNKEN FOOLS - to want to derive from the entertaining band name immediately rashly on permanently thirsty fun birds, would be fatally mistaken.

Because as the extremely likeable ATMOSPHERIC ROCK quintet around the two voices Maleen and Sönke proves with the album title song "Escape", their songs are thoroughly infused with seriousness and depth. To this touching song, which comes along in an intersection of the sounds of Sisters Of Mercy, New Model Army, The Cult and Fields Of The Nephilim, an official music video was presented on November 20, 2018. (Markus Eck)

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