JURACÁN: Portland indie/ambient singer-songwriter shares anti-Trump number ahead of election Monday October 12 2020, 7:21 PM
JURACÁN: Portland indie/ambient singer-songwriter shares anti-Trump number ahead of election

Hear Juracán’s anti-Trump number “Russian Puppet” ahead of election  

Portland multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Pierre Carbuccia’s brainchild  Juracán  has released a new song,  “Russian Puppet.”  Depicting the damage and division that the current US president sparked off, this song urges every US citizen to use their vote wisely to change the future.

Pierre’s comment on the creation of the song:

“‘Russian Puppet’ is a song I wrote in 2019. At the time, my brain was filled with thoughts related to the Russia Trump affair. I was watching and reading about it, and probably because of it, this song came to me. The emotions behind this song are disgust, anger, disappointment, and anxiety, which had been accumulating since the 2016 election campaigns.

“‘Russian Puppet’ didn’t fit in with the album I was working on (‘Jarineo’) back then, but I talked to Eric Leavell about recording it anyway. My initial idea was for it to be a quiet, intimate folk song, but Eric suggested we get some distortion going. I went with it and improvised.”

Pierre further shares his thoughts on the current President and the coming United States Presidential election 2020:

“Our current president doesn’t deserve to be in a position of leadership. Many knew this before 2016. I’m hoping it is clearer for most people in 2020.

“Consider how he and his team have handled COVID-19 and the peaceful protests related to police brutality and systemic racism. Consider how the president’s views have emboldened white supremacists. Consider how a president could be a role model for children and how that may influence them. Are we voting for someone who will be compassionate and fair? Are we voting because of our parents, family, or friends? Because of their affiliations? Will the next president try to build a better future for everyone? Will they tackle difficult discussions? Will they challenge a broken system?

“I think we can do better than this Russian Puppet. My hope is that we don’t find ourselves in this position in the future and that we can choose someone who will unite us.”

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