Gravehuffer Interview 8/25/17 Saturday August 26 2017, 2:04 PM
Gravehuffer Interview 8/25/17

In celebration of recently signing with Bluntface Records, Joplin, Missouri's Gravehuffer are set to unleash their most recent material to be included on the vinyl edition of their latest album, "Your Fault". Always looking to push beyond their own limitations, and eager to give back to their fans, the band recently entered the studio to record two bonus tracks for their upcoming vinyl release. The first track appropriately titled, "Your Fault" sees the band firing on all cylinders and pulling no punches. Featuring a guest guitar solo by Carlo Regadas (ex-Carcass, ex-Black Star, and current guitarist for Monstrance) this track alone will make the vinyl purchase worth it, and can easily be a strong and fitting representation of what this band is all about for newly acquired fans. If you can imagine an other worldly beast soaked in heaviness and packed to the brim with filthy grooves and punishing vocals and riffs reminiscent of some hybrid form of early Dismember, Entombed, and perhaps even Bolt Thrower all with the signature stylings that this unique and relentless band has come to be known for-you might have some idea of what is set to pummel your ear drums. Presales for the vinyl edition of Your Fault will be available soon.

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