KROMHEIM's EP - Reviewed By Ody Metal! Saturday October 10 2020, 2:44 PM
KROMHEIM's EP - Reviewed By Ody Metal!

KROMHEIM's EP - Reviewed By Ody Metal!  Check it out here at this link:

It is under the name of KROMHEIM (Poland) that the only member, Mikołaj Popławski, who provides all the instruments as well as the vocals, offers us his first eponymous EP of 4 titles. The artist evolves in a Melodic Viking Death Metal register with a sometimes very Heavy tendency where influences like KALMAH, AMON AMARTH and DARK TRANQUILLITY can be felt during the listening in a more or less pronounced way. 
The "catch" comes from the vocals, but that's only my opinion !!! First of all, the hoarse and breathless death growls lack raging energy and power, so it creates a tendency to distort the titles. Then there will be on "Freedom" the chorus in weak clear vocals and we will discover two short garish tones typed Black Metal which should have been used for the whole EP, tones that we will also find on "Revenge" but more discreetly. . 
Musically, it's quite successful and you can listen to it well. There is more or less moderate rhythm. We will find a Viking atmosphere with the choirs on "Prayer", a beautiful melody on "Freedom", more punch on "Revenge" and "Storm Of The Gods" the longest track provided with a dose of brutality due to the blasts , a progressive side including more rhythmic parts, without forgetting the break with a flute and the piano which will remain alone at the end of the title. 
A first try where we feel a great potential, carried out by a single person who has done everything and who is musically conclusive. As for the vocals, we can hope that it will be corrected for a future album and if it was the case, it would undoubtedly risk creating a surprise. To discover to get an idea. 
MONKEYMETAL aka Troll / ODYMETAL / on 07.10.2020. 

FFO: Amon Amarth, Kalmah, Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy

Kromheim is a melodic death metal solo project from Poland with Viking/Folk influences. 

Established in 2020, Kromheim draws its influences mostly from bands such as Hypocrisy , Kalmah , Amon Amarth , Dark Tranquillity all the way to Dissection .

The Kromheim EP features 4 songs with different dynamics. The 2020 Covid-19 lockdown seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally record and release this music to the world. 


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