Shahyd Legacy - Fading Of The Cries Shahyd Legacy metal Shahyd Legacy - Fading Of The Cries Album: Through The Ashes As promised here is the full song fading of the cries from my upcoming album "Through The Ashes"
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Mystic Wonders - Fragments Shahyd Legacy mystic wonders Mystic Wonders - Fragments Album: Prophecy Of The Chosen Year : 2014 Recorded and Mastered By Shahyd...
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Mystic Wonders - Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor Cover) Shahyd Legacy Mystic Wonders Mystic Wonders - Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor Cover) Vocals By Modey Recorded At Legacy Studios Mastered By Shahyd Legacy Original Song By Survivor BandCamp:...
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Shahyd Legacy - Into The Light Shahyd Legacy Rock Shahyd Legacy - Into the Light From The Album "Through The Ashes" Released 2015 Mixed & Mastered by Shahyd Legacy Legacy Studios
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Shahyd Legacy - Infinity (Djent Version) Shahyd Legacy Shahyd Legacy Shahyd Legacy - Infinity Djent Version This is a remastered version of infinity to all my djent fans out there..\m/ Recorded @ Legacy Studios Composed By Shahyd Legacy
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