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Raw Doggins46290

Today is Doggins46290's Birthday
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Today is Doggins46290's Birthday
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Raw Doggins46290
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2 years ago
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I'm alone in this world, in this bed.
I wish for peace for my heart, for my head.
Feeling forced into the darkness I fled...
I'm to starting to believe I really could be better off dead.??
Yes, thats what I just said.
Its the World itself that should burn and be Dead!!!!
Yes, thats what my Anger said..
I know I shouldn't but I want to wish that instead.
Now my only choice is to pull the trigger and feel the Fire and Lead!!
Praying for hope, I know I will soon be dead!
Yes again, thats what I said.
I will soon be dead.
Yes screaming, Please!Thats what I said.!
Very soon I'm going to be dead!
Yes crying, but thats all I've said....
So please, I don't want to be dead..
On the wall I left a masterpiece of slattered chunks of red.
In my chair I sat as I finally rested and bled.
Huh? " Noone cares about great Art? " as I'm carried off on a sled.
Nothing is what you heard, so from me, nothing will ever again be said.
Yes, "Its nothing" I said.
Yes, it was "I'll be alright" I said.
I lied as I knew I'm going be better off dead.
Yes I now know, " Help Me " is what I should have said.
But from the world and you, all I got was the Hate and Anger that I dread.
Yes no wonder everyone agreed that the world is better off if I'm dead.
That is why on suicide note " I Forgive You " was all that could be read.
Yes, now my soul is peaceful as I'm dead...

By Victor Dobbins
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For I so loved the world that I told them all to FUCK YOU , QUIT BREATHING MY AIR , DIE !!!
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