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Indefinite Leave to Remain UK is a way of getting settled in the UK. ILR application cost is 2404 pounds. A person may be able to apply for an ILR if: they have been living in the UK for continuous 10 years, their family is settled in the UK or are working in the UK. There are also some other ways by which you can stay in UK like:

  1. You can apply for ILR if you have a visa based on your private life.
  2. If you are not eligible for ILR then you can extend your stay in the UK for next 2 years that is known as ‘leave to remain’. 
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Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

Being an electronic record rather than a physical document, it contains a code number that can be used by a worker to apply for a visa in the UK and is assigned by the employer to every foreign worker employed by him/her in the UK. After the Certificate of Sponsorship is issued, the worker must apply for a visa within the next 3 months and not more than 3 months before the starting date mentioned in the certificate.

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EEA Permanent Residence

Permanent residence shall be the right, regardless of the practice of Treaty rights by the category of employee, self-employed citizen, self-sufficient person, student, and family member, to permanently live in an EU Member State. To apply for EEA Permanent Residence through the first five years of residency are dependent on the worker, self-employed individual, etc., 

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uk partner visa

UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) give a visa to non-EU couples in a real and continuing partnership to work and live together in the UK. If your partner is a British citizen or has settlement rights in the UK, you can apply for an Unmarried Partner Visa, Same-Sex Partner Visa and UK Partner Visa . There are conditions to determine the validity of the partnership before your application can be approved. Once you have been living with your partner in the United Kingdom for at least five years, you will apply for an indefinite leave to stay (ILR). When reviewing applications in this group, UKVI will consider their particular merits in - case.

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EEA Family Permit UK

Based on the grounds on which the application is submitted, the requisite documentary documentation will vary. The required documentation requires documentation of the EEA national and non-EEA national applicant's ID, proof of engagement, and evidence that the EEA national is a "qualified person" (if in the United Kingdom). It is not necessary to extend a family visa; you would need to apply for a residency card while in the United Kingdom. Of note, it is still possible to apply for an EEA Family Permit UK from overseas again, if necessary. For a term of 6 months, the family visa is given which requires the holder to fly to the UK.