Smudge Of Doom

Smudge Of Doom Metal Devastation Radio Saturday December 12 2020, 8:00 PM

Greetings METAL MAVENS!!!!! Please join your host Badwizard for a special double Smudge Of Doom this week. First we will be bringing The Outerlands to Sat nite as we are filling in for Lady Red so she can get her move on hahaha. Join me at 8 PM EST for that one. We are gonna play some of my faves from 2020 and anything else I want to hear. The request line will be open for this so if you have something you want to hear let me know. \ M /  \ M /!!!!!

Then Join me SUN at the usual time 10 AM EST For The Smudge Of Doom show, Part of the SUNDAY LOCKTHEFUCKDOWN BABY!!!! We got a killer line up of songs for you. WHOOO HOOOO!!!!

Double your pleasure with Badwizard for 2 shows. SMOKE UP!!! TUNE IN!!! DOMM OUT!!!

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