Smudge Of Doom

Smudge Of Doom Metal Devastation Radio Sunday September 13 2020, 10:00 AM

Greetings Metal Mavens. Join your host Badwizard for this edition of the Smudge Of Doom Show. Let us draw forth our arcane powers and bring forth fuzzy tones of goodness. Let the music flow through as we get our minds right with rifftastic tunes. Lets roll some up and journey to The Outerlands as the soothing sounds of beautiful music guide us on our way. Please enjoy the songs and maybe even shake them asses. Let yourself go and let Badwizard show some sights along the way. Take your seatbelts off and throw your arms outside of this ride HAHAH!!


P.S. The 1st 4 songs should expand your MINNNNNDDDSSSS!!! GROOOOVY!!!!

Attendees : 0

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