The change didn't go according to NBA 2K22 MT plan for all, not just Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook. The guard's scoring dropped two points to 79and continues to decrease in his performance, which is an problem in his group.

James Harden is down to 90 overall since his trade to the Philadelphia 76ers, falling one point. A injured hamstring has kept the guard from the court since Feb. 2. He will likely reestablish himself once the team is ready for Philadelphia.

Another well-known player who lost one point following an exchange was Kristaps Porzingis. The player is an 85 on the Washington Wizards after moving from the Mavericks. The New York Knicks continue to lose playoff relevance, and their top players are struggling to stay in contention, such as Kemba Walker fell two points to 78 , and Julius Randle fell one to an 82.

It's well known that the south, particularly Atlanta is the center of this industry. The city has maintained an absolute grip on hip-hop and rap for more than a quarter-centuryand shows any signs that this trend will let up anytime soon.

It's not unusual to see A-listers from Atlanta cheering on the Hawks. There are very few, if any teams boast the youthful star power to NBA 2K MT play their games as the Hawks have. Gunna, 2 Chainz, Young Thug and of course Quavo are all regulars at State Farm Arena.

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