So , what do that leaves us in Madden 22? We have had the WFT for quite a while currently, and so we expect EA to Madden 22 coins be quick to change the branding and incorporate Washington's brand new logo in the games. As it stands, it's likely that they only recently discovered it and they have likely been able to work on it for some time under NDA.

It is possible of course there is a chance that we'll have to wait for Madden 23, however we would prefer not to. EA hasn't made any announcements yet , but the demand from players wanting to know more about what's happening and when the change will take place in the game is going to grow and grow.

Update: Unconfirmed at the moment, but Apptrigger has reported that they've had confirmation by an EA representative that the Commanders won't be present on the scene in Madden at the time of Madden 23. We'll update you if this becomes confirmed.

"The Washington Football Team will be updated to the latest Washington Commander nickname, uniforms and logos in Madden NFL 23."

Do fans want to wait until the brand new Madden game towards the end of the year? It is a bit of a peculiar issue for the company as they surely want to be seen at the forefront of this historic change.

We also lost the legendary name of the franchise, John Madden, recently too which means that EA could well be planning tributes to Madden 23 for this. It would be wonderful to cheap Mut 22 coins see the big man as the star of this game. Wouldn't it?

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