The Madden developers weren't kind to Mut 22 coins the Seattle Seahawks after they fell to 3-7 after an loss of 23-13 to The Arizona Cardinals.

Russell Wilson (94 to 93), Bobby Wagner (93 to 92) and D.K. Metcalf (90 to 90 to) all dropped one rating point. For Wilson this was a second consecutive underwhelming performance as Wilson was just 14-of-25 for 207 yards.

Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones On the other however, saw his hard work in Week 11 paid off. Chris Jones, a veteran defensive tackle, had 3.5 tackles as Kansas City edged out the Dallas Cowboys 19-9.

Thanks to his impressive performance, Jones was able to improve his overall rating from 90 to 91.With 6.5 sacks through nine games, Jones could be able to eclipse his career-high of 15.5 from last year.

This Buffalo Bills star is still being rated at 96 overall which means that the bottom isn't going to drop out of the water by any means. He was at 97 overall during the whole season, up to Week 11, and the final straw for EA Sports appears to have been a defeat of 41-15 to the Indianapolis Colts in which he received four passes for 23 , and 2 touchdowns.

You know you're held to cheap Madden nfl 22 coins the highest standard when a couple of touchdowns aren't enough for you to be able to stand at the top of your Madden rating.

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