Appendix EU is the rules of immigration and as per the rule, a candidate needs to apply for the settled status. And the ones who are living in the UK for the last five years continuously are eligible for Appendix EU. Further, the candidates have not left this nation for six months during their continuous stay in the United Kingdom for five years.

The United Kingdom is a beautiful nation and most the from different nationalities are willing to have the legal right to stay in this nation. UK government provides various type of visa to get an entry in this nation or to extend their stay in the United Kingdom. Appendix EU is all visas of the visa that can make the dreams come true to stay in this nation. I understand this, keep reading.

For EU citizens there are some requirements to stay in the UK. Let's have a look at the same

  • The first and foremost thing is that candidates must have a national identity in the EEA region.
  • Secondly, they must have residence proof of the United Kingdom before the cut-off date. The status of pre-settled of
  • Under the EU and it is applicable for non-British.  This is the easiest way to settle in the United Kingdom as an EU citizen. The one who will not apply under Appendix EU will not be able to stay in this nation (United Kingdom) legally. So keep in mind that don't do overstay in the UK.

The one who is willing to apply for the visa must have EEA nationality further, they must have any residential proof of United Kingdom.

There should be no criminal record because if there will be any criminal record then they can't apply for Appendix EU. The none EEA family also wants to know whether they can get a visa or not. Then keep reading -

The EEA nationals are also known as family members or the ones who have the status of pre-settled just like the EEA citizen can be eligible for this visa. These facts can be very useful for the applicants to apply UK.

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