Most of the time there are complex cases, where a person from abroad wants to get married to another person who is settled in UK. So, for such people there are a different kind of visa for which they will have to apply. If the foreigner is planning to get married in UK with their partner, then the foreigner should apply for a UK fiancé visa . To get eligible for this visa, you will have to prove that the future husband or partner with whom you are engaged is a permanently residing in UK. And it is also important to show that you have plans to get married and in UK. 

UK Unmarried Partner Visa - 

Apart from that the UK fiancé visa is valid for 6 months. And this visa is mostly granted on the assumption that you will get married with your partner. And when this UK fiancé visa expires, then you will have to apply for permission to stay in UK, which is another process. Other types of visa that people can apply for if they are in a relationship with their partner for more than 2 years is the UK unmarried partner visa . For more information you can check online and you will get the details like eligibility criteria etc. 

Eligibility Criterion for UK Fiancé Visa - 

The main eligibility criterion for UK Fiancé visa is as follows – You and your partner should be 18 years of age or above. You should be planning to get married within 6 months i.e. till the time the visa is valid. And it is very essential to show that your partner is a citizen of UK. Plus, it is important to show that you have an accommodation and you are financially stable, which is one of the important requirements for non-EU applicants. And if you are a non-EU applicant, then it is also important to pass the SELT test, which you can check online. 

Financial Stability is Must - 

In this test mainly you will have to prove that you can understand, communicate and write English at the A1 level as per the rules framed. It is important that you give full information and also relevant documents that are needed. Plus, it is important that you have a financial stability when applying for any kind of UK visa. The process of visa application usually takes up to 12 weeks. Choose a good immigration lawyer if you want to make a correct application for UK visa. 

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