There are many people who do not get visa for UK. Most of their visa application is rejected. There are many reasons as to why the visa gets cancelled or is not granted in the first place. Some reasons can be like lack of knowledge about the English language; others can be like improper documents, not making a correct visa application, etc. So, in such a scenario the only help that you can get is to go for appeal in the immigration tribunal and wait for the decision of the tribunal. Only after verifying the facts they can grant permission for the visa. 

UK Visa Appeal - 

You can apply for a uk settlement visa appeal within 28 days after your application for visa is rejected. The decision of the tribunal may take as long as 6 months. So, it is very important that before you apply for a UK visa, you consult an immigration lawyer. As lawyers can help in giving you right guidance and also help you file the visa application correctly whether you go through online process or some agent. It is very important that you provide the correct information, and documents. Also, in some type of visa application you will have to give biometric details also. 

Check Online for Scheme Details - 

Also, you can check for EU Settlement Scheme online. As per the schemes you can continue to live in UK, you can check online for more details and eligibility criteria. For the latest application form which allows the EU members to live in UK after 30 th June, 2021, you can check online. With the help of the EU settlement schemes you and your family members can get a valid immigration status. And with the help of the settled status schemes, the citizens are granted the same rights and freedom and status which also includes healthcare. 

Benefits of EU Settlement Scheme Status - 

The status that people acquire with the EU settlement schemes will allow them to be eligible for various kinds of public services, schools, public funds, and also British citizenship. It is also important for the EU people to show their proof of identity and also they have to show the proof of residence. You will either get a pre-settled status or a settled status. And most of the time the applicants get a digital status. And they also get a biometric card. For any kind of confusions or queries, you can approach the EU settlement scheme resolution center.

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