UK is one of the most well-known countries for overseas business due to its economy, location and also its security. So, there are many businessmen who want to expand their business in UK and they have to apply for a sole representative visa. There are certain eligibility criteria to get a sole representative visa. The requirements are somewhat like this – i) you should be connected with a parent company and you should also show that you are intending to represent that parent company or open a branch of that company in UK. ii) Other requirements are that you should have 50% of share-holdings with that parent company, and other ad-on needs like passing the English test etc. 

Sole Representative Visa - 

The above mentioned criterion needs to be fulfilled if you are applying for a UK Sole Representative Visa . There are different types of visa that you will get even if you want to stay for a short time in UK such visa holders can stay in UK for 6 months. People visit UK due to many reasons like for tourism, medical treatment, professional reasons, visiting the family members etc. So, if you have any such reasons then you should get a UK Visit Visa . You will have to meet certain eligibility criteria to get this visa. 

Different Visa with Different Criteria for Eligibility - 

The other different types of visas that is available for UK also comprises of UK civil partnership visa . There is also a family visa for which you can apply. Different visas will have different criteria of eligibility. For partner or spouse visa, one of the most important criteria that one needs to fulfill is that your spouse or partner should be a British. And it is also important that your partner should be settled in UK. Likewise, there are many such eligibility criteria that you can check online. 

Good Knowledge of English is Must - 

And one of the most important criteria is that to apply for a partner visa you and your partner should be above 18 years. Another basic criterion that you need to prove is that you should have good knowledge of English. Plus, it is also important that you prove that you are financially independent. Also, you should prove that you have been living in a relationship for at least 2 years. It is important that you show your interest in living in UK permanently. And there are many other such criterion that you should fulfill, so that you get a visa for UK.

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