The Best Stylus Apps for Android

The stylus is not very popular, and a few people use it, but whoever uses it does love it. Fortunately, plenty of stylus apps for Android are available that can help make the best out of your stylus. 
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The Best Amazfit Smartwatches to Spend Your Money On

Amazfit is owned by Huami; the company was founded in 2015; since then, it has manufactured a lot of products and improved them too. However, it’s still far from competing with some serious smartwatch manufacturers, such as Fitbit, Garmin, etc. 
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Check Out the Best Android Launchers for 2021

Organizing, arranging, and interacting with different apps on Android devices is known as launchers. The Android launchers consist of several unique features, home screen settings, arranging apps modes. 
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Four-Decade Timelapses: Google Earth’s Biggest Update in Years

Billions of people have turned to explore the Earth from endless and various vantage points over the past fifteen years. Google introduced its most significant update, i.e., timelapse feature, to Google Earth.
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Risks Involved With iOS 14.5 Update

The new software version iPhone mobile operating system designated as “iOS 14.5” is due for download soon. However, there are some good and valid reasons the users should wait for some time before opting to upgrade the operating system of their purchased iPads and iPhones.
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The Privacy Battle Between Apple and Facebook Has Intensified

The battle for providing a better privacy policy, which started out as a paltry affair, is slowly turning out to be an acrimonious battle between the two giant technological companies. And, prima facie, it is safe to say that Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg do not care about each other's survival.
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The 5 Best Raspberry Pi Emulators in 2021

Well, many engineers might be familiar with the term "Raspberry Pi" as it aids them in their projects; not many know its definition. Raspberry Pi is a kind of circuit that acts as a computer when you attach it using an HDMI cable to a TV, computer monitor, or even a laptop. It is highly affordable and easy to carry because its size is generally close to that of a credit card.
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Cortana: A Guide To Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant
Microsoft’s Cortana is a Cloud-based personal assistant that works outside the standard voice-enabled AI domain. It does not just understand voice commands and carry out tasks but is combined for use across Microsoft’s 365 suite of products and Windows 10 operating system versions 2004 and later.
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