Press Release: METHANE ENLIST NEW DRUMMER! Wednesday October 12 2022, 10:56 AM

Swedish thrash metal band Methane have enlisted a new drummer and enter the studio to complete recordings of the bands sophomore album ‘Kill It With Fire’. After a tumultuous couple of years with the Corona-virus epidemic and swapping tenures of drummers that only can be rivaled by Spinal Tap, Methane has found a recruited 22 year old Jonathan Fundin as full time drummer. Jonathan, who has been playing live with Methane for over a year has proven he is not only a phenomenal drummer, but a tight, technical, seasoned performer.

“After hearing the music and meeting Jimi, Tim and Markus I knew I was in for a ride! I love the challenge of playing the songs but also hanging out with the guys, they are the best really!”

Methane has had a new album written for and has been waiting in the wings to find the missing cog to boost the music to a new level of aural depravity.  With influences like Dave Lombardo ( Slayer/Testament ) and Joey Jordison ( Slipknot ), Jonathan brings high energy to Methane’s heavily groove influenced thrash sound. Fundin says himself that his playing style is influenced by everything from jazz to death metal.

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Methane is now finishing the studio work and getting ready to release a new heavy groove laden album smothered in old school thrash metal and brimstone entitled ‘Kill It With Fire’, which is being scheduled for release in early 2023. Methane was formed by bassist / singer Tim Scott of legendary Death Metal band Revenant and Hell Patrol 's Jimi Mästerbo. The Swedish thrashers have had numerous tours in both Europe and the United States, playing with bands such as Whiplash, Warbringer, The Haunted and Nervosa , building a searingly ferocious following in the underground metal scene.

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