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Sometimes back when writing service was not widely known many students did not want to go to university fearing to dissertation writing. Writing in university was supposed to be in dissertation writing and custom essay writing thus the students dreaded failing the exams. This was because it was assumed that dissertation writing and custom essay writing was very difficult to understand and write.

Students preferred to join lesser colleges were they would not meet pay to do my homework this forms of writing. They would write the much simpler custom essay writing. This was a great blow to the education sector and a total setback to the country. The reason being that, the country continued to lack professional and skilled manpower due to low educational levels of its youth. When writing service was initiated in the education program, all changed immediately.

Every one wanted to go to the university because they knew that custom essay writing and dissertation writing were no longer issues to mind about.Writing service came with some disadvantage; the entry points of universities were raised because many students managed to score very high points due to the writing service. Highest level of education Dissertation writing is normally for the highest level of education. In dissertation writing, a lot of individualism is required. I believe that dissertation writing is the only form of writing where no team work is communicate effectively across cultures required. In dissertation writing, it is each one for his /her self findings and judgments.

Custom essay writing is done in all levels of education. It is mandatory for every student in college to know custom essay writing. Custom essay writing forms the base of higher learning. It is through custom essay writing that a student gets a degree.

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