What are the main benefits of Linkedin applications and how to install an application on your Linkedin profile: 


First, so that you understand it better when you are in your profile and you go to the bottom, you see a series of information: this would be the first application, for me, a WordPress application that shows the last post I have published, where I have my presentations on SlideShare, a list of books that I have read ...

As you can see, you can use external services in the cloud and connect them with your Linkedin account and thus provide more information about what you do, what your tastes may be, and provide relevant information to your profile.


To access the applications go to the "More" link, the last link takes us to the applications directory and there are a lot of options available. If you have a WordPress blog , I recommend you install the WordPress application.

My travel : this small application is very interesting as it allows you to inform your network , your network of contacts, where you are going to travel, so it is possible to meet someone in your network of contacts who would like to meet you for a coffee. A very interesting application.

This Events application is very useful because it allows you to inform your entire network of contacts where you will be present and also know where certain people from your network are going to be on Linkedin and it is a good way to do a little networking .

Another very, very interesting application is that of the readings on Amazon , both to refer to the books you read or recommend, and to list your own books if you are an author. You see that I have put a series of books that I think are relevant for people who may be interested in my topics and, if you are an author, you can use this same information to include your own books. In this case, you are just one click away from the "vending machine" that is Amazon.com, which is why it is a very interesting resource.

Another resource of interest is the possibility of connecting Twitter with Linkedin. Conversations on social media add up, so feel free to do so. So every time you make an update on Linkedin it will appear on Twitter and if you add the string # into  your tweets it will also appear on Linkedin. Thanks to this application you can configure what type of interconnection you want between these two networks.

I also use the SlideShare application, since if you are trying to consolidate your personal brand it is important that you leave some of the presentations in the talks and events in which you have been able to be. As you can see, here are my talks and we are again just one click away from content, as well as relevant content.

Think about adding applications to your profile, this brings relevant information and also in rich media format, something sexier than just text.

Your profile should be simple and attractive something unique from others profile as an example you can use stylish custom fonts to get custom fonts visit - fancycrazytext.com , this is 100% working in 2021

This is all about using applications on Linkedin, an important resource. Think of him!

The power of social proof with LinkedIn recommendations

More marketing tips on Linkedin. Now we are going to talk about the power of Recommendations.


We return to the profile and as you can see, there is a section here, at the bottom of the highlighted area of ​​your profile where the Recommendations are mentioned.

In my case, I have about 46 people who have recommended me and the recommendations are very, very important because in business, what social proof is (people who have already collaborated with you and leave a positive comment about the experience), he affirms Your credibility consolidates you as a true authority in your niche. In addition, on Linkedin, the number of recommendations is one of the criteria that Linkedin uses to position profiles on the results pages. That is, Linkedin perceives that this signal of recommendation from other people is a very positive signal about what you are doing.

Then in the footer of your profile, you will be able to access the details of all the Recommendations.

It is important that when someone tries to recommend you, they do not say: «Franck is a super nice and very nice person to work with, etc.». rather, it is about focusing it on achieved results, which are very concrete things, because that way the impact of this social proof is better.

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