If I told you that after a morning routine, the rest of your day will be really wonderful and full of good news, I would be lying to you.

And it is that you will most likely encounter obstacles and problems throughout your journey; You will most likely still have to put up with that grumpy bank teller, deal with the traffic, and finish the long list of personal and family to-dos, but (and this is a very important but) you will have another way to deal with all that life has to do with you. throw.

So the main benefit of a morning routine is improving your perception and attitude throughout your day.

It sounds like a trivial thing, but, let's think about that for a second ...

If you start your day in a hurry and the "stressometer" level smokes through your ears, your attitude and the way you perceive any small problems will most likely be completely different from if you walked out the door after, say, meditating for a few minutes. certain?

Not only that, this small benefit drags on other more important ones, for example: starting your work in a better mood, starting the day with more spirits, improving your family relationships and in general, your satisfaction with the day.

These are some of the potential benefits that you can receive thanks to the habits in your morning routine:

  • More productivity
  • More peace of mind
  • More energy
  • More confidence
  • More satisfaction
  • Better mood
  • Better personal relationships

How to build my morning routine?

The truth is that you already have a routine for tomorrow, so all we have to do is polish it and carefully select the activities to have the benefits you are looking for.

But before continuing, it is important that you agree on the following sentence: the way I start my day, it has a great impact on the rest of the day.

I want to clarify something for you: I cannot tell you what time to wake up, if it is better to exercise, write or meditate since we are all in different situations. In addition, there is no exact sequence of activities that guarantee absolute success.

I have noticed many people have a habit of greeting good mornings to their friends and family in bed as they wake up, I would say this is a good habit and time to greet others as it helps to make relationships strong so keep sharing morning shayar i, quotes, and motivational thoughts.  

Therefore, here you will create your own morning routine, according to your time and your personal needs.

I will give you the step-by-step and some small habits that can greatly influence your productivity and well-being.

Your task is to choose them carefully and adapt them to your lifestyle.

When you reach the endpoint, you will have an action plan to put into practice early tomorrow.

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