This profile is my personal profile. I will post here as well but follow me, also at mimconnection!!!!! Facebook!!!!! and Twitter!!!!!!!! My website is -...

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If I did not like what I heard , and if I am contacting you I have listened to you music, I would not have contacted you.

I would not waste the time it takes to make the page and promote it to over 500,000 people in 40 – 50 music groups on facebook and 24,000 music fans on twitter if I did not like what I heard and think you were worth my efforts.

My site in -.

My Facebook page is-

My Twitter page is -

You will get a page on the site which includes an interview that I will email you or if you are in Atlanta, Ga we will set up a video interview, music videos and pictures. You can also send music files if you don’t have videos.

If you would like a page contact me here or at

Michael Wallick
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