Metalicious / John Verica

Metalicious / John Verica Metal Devastation Radio Sunday December 10 2017, 6:00 PM

The madness begins TONIGHT at 6PM PST ONLY on Metal Devastation Radio and Metalicious with a very special guest and dear friend John Verica, who crafted one of the first ever video magazine "Decaying Visions" has his own heavy metal haven of records in his home and he has one of the coolest Ebay record stores called "Verica, Vinyls and more" traveled with some of the wildest bands back in the 90s...has some of the BEST road trip stories EVER...I SWEAR hahaha AND...he is married to one of the coolest ladies in metal, many of you may know her as Sue Nolz from the magazine "Metal Maniacs". We will have MUCH to talk about, hope you will join us! PLUS he expierenced the Day of Death show too!!! LUCKY BASTARD!!!! haha (picture features John Verica & Alex Bouks)

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