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    WMSC 082115 CD2 Japan Nick Japan Nick 08/21/15 CD2 Japan Nick's Rock and Metal Pandemonium White Coven-Sedative from the Enchanter's Ball Steak Number Eight- Black Fall From All is Chaos Bronco-Hazy Lies form the Enchanter's Ball...
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    WMSC 022015 CD 3 Japan Nick Japan Nick 02/20/15 CD3 Japan Nick's Rock and Metal Pandemonium Mutant Supremacy- Death March from Reincarnate Deceive- Tainted Lineage from Arrival of the Dark Masters Archaic Decapitator - Ethereal...
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    Exmortus 042818 Interview Japan Nick Metal Exmortus is a band from Whittier, Calif. that was formed in 2002. I recently had a conversation with Exmortus’ singer/guitarist, Jadran Gonzales, who started the band. They decided to call the band...
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    NHTE 308 Death Angel Now Hear This Inc Metal The band has a song that is up for a GRAMMY in the Best Metal Performance category. They are signed to Nuclear Blast Records and released an album in May 2019 and a music video in November, and...
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    Amnutseba - Dislumen Iron BoneHead Productions Metal taken from the "Emanatism" 12"LP/CD
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    BLACK LILIUM "My Purpose" METALMESSAGE • PR Metal • proudly presents: • • INFO: Track " " out of the unique debut album " ' ". : January 31, 2020 • The fact that you are dealing with protagonists who have many years of experience and...
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    Road Psychosane
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    Bordello's Hell Psychosane
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    Aggression Psychosane
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    Hellhound Psychosane
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    Purgatory Psychosane
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    To The Devil Psychosane
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    Caused By You Psychosane
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    Trajeto De Cabra - Cursed Graves Of The Unanointed Iron BoneHead Productions Metal tken from the "Supreme Command of Satanic Will" 12"LP/CD
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    Gatecreeper "Social Decay" (dB106) Decibel Magazine Metal Order this issue of Decibel featuring this exclusive GATECREEPER flexi disc here: https://store.decibelmagazine.com/collections/back-issues/products/october-2019-180
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    Witchbones - The Candle Burns Alone ( Dead Sailors ) Iron BoneHead Productions Metal taken from the "The Seas of Draugen" 12"LP/CD
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    WMSC 082115 CD3 Japan Nick Japan Nick 08/21/15 CD3 Japan Nick's Rock and Metal Pandemonium Rolling Stones-100 Years Ago from Goat's Head Soup Sunn O-Funerael Drone from White 2 Goblin Rebirth-Forest from Goblin Rebirth Sisters ov the...
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    WMSC 031414 CD 2 Japan Nick's Rock and Metal Pandemonium Japan Nick WMSC 031414 CD 2 Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium Destruction-Black Death from Infernal Overkill Destruction- Riot Squad from Spiritual Genocide Condition Critical-Shock Therapy from...
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    WMSC 103114 CD 2 Japan Nick's Rock and Metal Pandemonium Japan Nick WMSC WMSC 103114 CD 2 Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium Hatriot- World Funeral from Dawn of the New Centurion At the Gates- The Head of the Hydra from At War With Reality At the Gates-The Book of...
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    WMSC 102513 Xenophile Interview by Japan Nick Japan Nick Interview Xenophile is interviewed by Japan Nick of WMSC 90.3’s Japan Nick’s Rock and Metal Pandemonium on 10/25/13 The band discuss their influences Xenophile’s Scorching the Skies was played...
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