Review - Vicious Nature - VII EP/Mini Album Saturday February 3 2018, 10:51 AM
Review - Vicious Nature - VII EP/Mini Album

Vicious Nature are homegrown metallers from Wolverhampton featuring ex members of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof and Cerebal Fix and their sound is classic heavy metal with a big slab of modern edge. Vicious Nature will appeal to those of you who can’t quite pull yourself away from that classic heavy metal sound and for those of you who like all of that classic greatness mixed with kick ass riffs, in your face full on vocals and melodies that you must bang your head to – welcome to Vicious Nature and what they do best!

I was very excited when Andy Southwell got in touch to say that the bands new mini album/EP was ready. I have been waiting for ‘VII’ for what seems like ages and couldn’t wait to get into the zone. Head phones on, chilled, ready and hell I am not disappointed!

The intro instantly grabs my attention with the exquisite haunting guitars of Andy Southwell. Ears wired back and sufficiently aroused, dragging the imaginary hairs on the back of my neck to a forced erection – in anticipation I sit waiting to see where the journey will take me- and bang- the paroxysmal “RISE UP” smacks me in the face and takes a quick breather to JB’s effortless kicks before Andy Pyke’s angry and distinctive vocals kick in and let us know he is taking no prisoners. It is immediately apparent from the off how good the production of ‘VII’ is, something that for me that has always been synonymous with the band.

“THE DEVIL CALLS” delivers catchy foot stomping riffs, moving from influences of Pantera, hitting Testament and intercepted by Andy Southwell’s accomplished guitar bridge. The bass is so expertly blended that you just about hear it. You can’t help but sing along to the chorus and imagine how great this track will be in a live scenario.

“TWISTED PSYCHOTIC” is definitely my fave track on the EP, Andy Pyke spits out the words and you can feel the vehemence of the story. “I’ll always fuckin hate you “will be words that I am sure a lot of fans will be chanting to and it does make you wonder who or what the song was written about! “TWISTED PSYCHOTIC” is a whole host of headbanging lusciousness that I WANT TO HEAR AGAIN and AGAIN– damn it’s good!

I have followed these guys since way back when and even though they have been around for more than a ‘few years’ they continue to grow and just seem to get better and better. Vicious Nature really have delivered with “VII” which is not at all surprising, each and every one of the tracks is a hit in its own right.

“VII” is an album/EP that is superbly produced, has flawless hooks and riffs and fine melodies. Add to those a whole ton of angry but solid heavy metal that brings you fist pumping anthemic choruses and simply the best of headbanging tuneage, you just have to get your hands on a copy! ‘VII’ will be featured on my radio playlists for sure and I can’t wait to see Vicious Nature on tour where the magic really happens.

Good job done guys!

Tracklisting :

The Calm Before The Storm 1.29

Rise Up 5.43

When the Devil Calls 4.43

Twisted Psychotic 4.00

The Silence That Kills 4.03

System of Disorder (Live) 4.50

The Band:

Andy Southwell – Guitar (ex Marshall Law)
Mark Culley – Bass (ex Cerebral Fix, Drown)
Andy Pyke – Vocals (ex Marshall Law)
Jon “JB” Brown – Drums (ex Cloven Hoof)

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