Highway Wars Danny Vash Danny Vash Rock -Produced by David Snow and Danny Vash. -Written by: Danny Vash -Lead Vocals: Danny Vash -Background Vocals- David Snow -Guitars, Bass- Danny Vash -Additional Bass- David Snow -Drums and...
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Judgment Day Danny Vash Metal The story has been told To the young and to the old How no one will be saved From the clutches of the grave Now the time is going to come You know the ending has begun I'm on my way to...
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Politician Danny Vash Heavy Rock LYRICS: Somewhere tonight, I know there's a man He says that he's right, don't be fooled again Politicians in their plastic blue jeans, campaigns and limousines, taking vengeance with...
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Perro Loco Danny Vash Heavy Rock Instrumental
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Danny Vash and "Hard Life" Danny Vash blue pie records Heavy Rock Danny Vash and "Hard Life" =================================================== This rock explosion of a song called "Hard Life " is pure rock and roll in pure epic proportions. The songs...
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