Problem With Dragons Tuesday May 26 2020, 8:44 PM
Problem With Dragons

This 3 piece from Easthampton Massachusetts come at you like a crushing avalanche on their 3rd release, Ascendant. Consisting of founder Rob Ives ( drums and vocals ) , Ben Licata ( bass ) and Joe Nickerson ( guitar ), Problem With Dragons deliver a heavy, crunchy and chugging album with 2019's Ascendant. This 10 track album is a great mix of doom, prog and traditional metal. The opening track, The Omicron comes at you with an opening heavy punch and I love the fuzzy crunch of the guitar throughout the album. Other stand outs include The Reptilian Eye and Too Terrified. The vocals are deep and expansive and each musician compliments each other well. I also enjoy that they are a very tight sounding group but at the same time they have this fuzzycrunch tone going. I love it!!!!! Well worth the $5 they are asking for this on Bandcamp. Give them a listen!!!

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