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MBA Application Essay – Writing Secrets for Successful MBA Admission

After passing your GMAT or any premier entrance exam, your next important step in the well-known MBA admission process is to write a successful MBA application essay. Business school applicants often face the difficulty of writing a compelling MBA application essay.

Transcripts and test scores alone do not help you in getting into a business school. In case you apply for an online college admission then, the only way to analyze your goals, strengths, weaknesses and other traits is by reviewing your impressive MBA application essay. Business schools emphasize on MBA applicants to take up the MBA entrance essay in order to find out their practical experience.

Why an MBA application essay?

Though interviews and test scores are part of the MBA admission process, business schools are keener on evaluating the leadership qualities, communication skills, team work, decision making and personal traits of a person who aspires to get placed in a business school. An MBA entrance essay or an MBA statement of purpose helps the admission officers to find out why you want to study MBA and how you intend to apply it in your career etc.

What can be included in an MBA statement of purpose?

  • The introductory paragraph in your MBA statement of purpose should be compelling such that it arouses the curiosity of the reader to move on further.
  • First of all, start with a brief description about yourself and let the reader know why you are interested in MBA and which elective in the MBA program is your choice.
  • As a part of the MBA statement of purpose, mention your short term and long term goals and how you intend to achieve them
  • Include your hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, analytical skills, math skills, team playing skills etc in your MBA application essay
  • Emphasize more on your project work, work experience, volunteer work, participation in cultural activities and any other valuable work
  • Give a brief outline about your past experience in your MBA application essay, choose your words wisely .

Points that need to be avoided in an MBA application essay

  • The content of your MBA application should be original. Do not copy another person’s work as it portrays you as a dishonest person. It is highly imperative to avoid plagiarism
  • Do not hire a writer to work on your MBA entrance essay as you are the one who is applying for an MBA admission. Moreover, it does not help the admission officer to evaluate your personal traits and skills.
  • Do not make the content in the essay too boring to read. Only a compelling content will make the evaluator read further.

Proofreading your work helps you in indentifying errors. Practicing on certain common topics that most business schools include in MBA entrance essay will heighten your confidence to write the final one. Therefore an excellent written MBA application essay is the road to your admission in a leading business school.

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