Exclusive Interview With Dreamlord On The Thunderhead Show Friday May 22 2020, 6:00 PM
Exclusive Interview With Dreamlord On The Thunderhead Show

Dreamlord were founded originally in January of 1995. The band performed several concerts and released 2 demos and a mini CD until the year 2007, when they went to an extended hiatus, due to personal and professional reasons. In 2010, the band re-activated,

with the following line-up:
Babis Paleogiorgos : Rhythm guitar, Vocals
Yiannis Kouris : Drums
Christos Peveretos : Bass
Yiannis Glykiotis : Lead guitar.

The band began rehearsals and performing concerts, while writing new material. In 2013, Yiannis Kouris decided to step down and current drummer Nikos Kousounis joined.

With this new line-up, Dreamlord performed a few shows and then entered D Studio on Athens, Greece, for the recording of its debut album "Disciples of War".

In September 2019, the band signed a record deal with No Remorse Records, and in November of 2019, opened for historic band Annihilator, in their show in Athens.

In December of 2019, debut album "Disciples of War" was released via No Remorse Records worldwide, and currently the band is performing and promoting its album.


https://open.spotify.com/artist/3rX1TKLAwRqlI0QJTAHwhJ?si=eUZVfIo-S1qkA08VtlAwpA https://www.instagram.com/dreamlord_official/



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