Exclusive Interview with Blodtåke On The Thunderhead Show Tuesday June 23 2020, 4:00 PM
Exclusive Interview with Blodtåke On The Thunderhead Show

Blodtåke are deeply rooted in Black Metal and extend into Death, Doom and Progressive Metal. The acclaimed goal of Blodtåke is to make the pain, wounds, frenzy and melancholy so completely tangible to the listener, that he loses himself in it.

The name Blodtåke (English: blood fog) describes a similar effect: the loss of any self-control, e.g. if a hunter pursues his prey or a murderer kills his victim - without fear of consequences.

With "Nativity of ashes" Blodtåke present their debut album. Recorded by Andy Classen at the prestigious Stage One Studio, the songs are split into two sides, much like a traditional LP, and take the listener on a journey from dying confidence to obsidian black ash. Accompanied by a concept artwork that captures the mood of the songs, "Nativity of ashes" hints at the live violence with which the quintet will make the songs and emotions felt from the stages in the coming months.

"Nativity of ashes" was released on Saturday, June 15, 2019 via the band and is initially available as a high-quality 3-panel digipack with a 16-page booklet and as a digital download on Bandcamp.

Blodtåke are:

Scather - Vocals

Gråven - Guitar

Ereškigal - Guitar

Thylraz - Bass

Scriostóir - Drums

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