Exclusive Interview With Sepsiss On The Thunderhead Show Wednesday August 28 2019, 3:07 PM
Exclusive Interview With Sepsiss On The Thunderhead Show

 Sepsiss is a female fronted metal band from Manchester, NH....founded in 2011 by Melissa Wolfe & William Savant.
They combine a traditional heavy metal sound with modern rythyms, light synths, & a blend of urban hardcore. Melissa sings clean vocals while William adds harsher vocal pieces. Then you have heavy percussion alongside William's synths, composition, and multi-genre experience, delivering a wide variety of down-tuned grueling bass, traditional, urban, modernized heavy ensembles. Usually a 6-piece; the group specializes in live shows, passionate fans, and hard work ethic.

Melissa Wolfe and William Savant were raised on the seacoast , in NH were both grew up on a healthy dose of culture and art . The area it self is known for its homegrown personality in art and entertainment. William Savant , being from Portsmouth and having a back round in live events, recording and rap music , developed a local reputation inspiring collections of musicians to work on projects, throughout the region. Guitar enthusiast, He held auditions in Manchester 2010 for a ' new type of heavy metal' . Interested in particulars, He sought out original ideas in cooperating Latin , African drums and unique guitar approach and in synco -metro -metal style .

A big part of this adventure was finding a critically and dynamically unique voice to match the sonic fingerprint of the texture and tambre ideas. Melissa Auditioned for the act in the summer of 2010. The band and staff members mistakenly misplaced the names on the scheduled audition. No one in the staff knew her name and wrote her down as ashley. Ashley never made it. But...Melissa did! And so , it wasnt long before William and Melissa started crafting up ideas to embellish the blueprint. With so many amazing singers in the genre, Sepsiss aims for an honest texture and a true note. melissa dramatic dark pop cuts through heavy guitars sweetly with many versions of her personality in the mix spectrum. Heavy was a must , and clean was a MUST. Focusing on singing verses , sprinkled with appropriately placed textured screaming, harmony lines and dance ready formula. Keyboards are played hip hop style with an occasional classical outline.

Since their first show at Roco's ( Manchester NH OCT 2011) , 100's of shows and collaborations , showcases and fundraisers, Melissa and William Recorded there first demo on studio one professional , in Nov 2018 on a cheap laptop in there small office in nashua NH . With crummy guitars , cheap amps, The two of them Recorded the entire Badd Blood ep in 4 months. Keyboardist and band member Mr Goodbarz ( regional producer/rapper) cut the fat , cleaned up the demos and set the stage for feedback. And WOW DID THE PEOPLE ? YES yes and yes.. the answer was more. BIGGER ,LOUDER, BETTER. and sepsiss did exactly that . After 100s of radio spins and demo plays , the band was found by legendary award winner , Glen Robinson . Know for popular works with GWAR , QUEENSRYCHE etc...etc .. Loving the act and the music , Glen ( know to melissa as "the 6th member " ) Grabbed up the demo stems and re loaded the band with his Analog re amp / protools genius to the final cut. The ep , Badd Blood can be found on streaming itunes spotify etc and also hard copies at www.sepsiss.com.
Current line encludes , Robbert Pann (drums) , and Cam Loud ( guitars). Mr goodbarz on keyboard. currently the band is touring and has sveral shows lined up for 2019 and 2020. more info at www.sepsiss.com and @434mangment.

Band Members

Melissa "Wolfe" - (Vocals)

William "Savant" - (Guitars/Screams)

Cam "Loud" - (Guitars)

"Mr. Goodbarz" - (Keyboards)

Chris Daw - (Drums)









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