DieHumane - Featured At BITUME Spotify Playlist! Wednesday July 10 2024, 5:11 PM
DieHumane - Featured At BITUME Spotify Playlist!

DieHumane - Featured At BITUME Spotify Playlist ! Check it out here at this link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0CykJoYivGacpgOmgVulpn


FFO: Paradise Lost, A Perfect Circle, Gojira, Nine Inch Nails


'DieHumane' Release New Single 'Stardust Blues' from 'The Grotesque' Album & Announce New Management With EMG! 

Extreme Management Group , (EMG) Senior Artist Manager  Damien Mitchell , would like to introduce and welcome, hailing from, Boys Town USA, Genera-Melting, Melodic, Jazz-Infused Groove, Mood & Atmosphere Inducing, Death Metal Master’s,  DieHumane,  to the EMG roster!!

DieHumane,  features an all-star line-up of serious heavy hitters: formerly of Anova Skyway, Garret West, vocals, legendary, Exodus, Guitarist, Rick Hunolt, Videographer, Joshua Vargas on Bass, Rhythm Guitars, Piano, and programming & Greg Hilligiest - Keys, Programming.

Having released their critically acclaimed full-length album “ The Grotesque,’’  in 2023, on legendary producer Ulrich Wilde's label Wurmroup, DieHumane has now partnered with Extreme Management Group and is debuting a brand new video alongside their single,  “Stardust Blues," the final single from "The Grotesque." 

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Commenting on their new video/single: "This is the last music video from "The Grotesque," it’s actually the first one we shot, but fits in nicely with the visual and artistic aesthetic established for "The Grotesque." 

Commenting on the future Josh Vargas had this to say:
"We recently recorded new songs with some guest vocalists for a yet-to-be-titled EP. We’ve got Chuck Billy of Testament , and former Mushroomhead vocalist, Jeffrey Nothin g. Will Hunt from Evanescence plays drums on the upcoming tracks.  We have a lot of stuff coming up. We've recorded some collab tracks for an EP. We're getting ready to start playing live next year. We honestly haven't ever really stopped recording. There's a lot going on that we can't speak on just yet. The new stuff we've been recording perfectly picks up where the record left off, but has a heavier edge to it and is even more abstract.”

Commenting on the partnership, the band had this to say:

“On EMG: "Good managers are one thing, but a manager that’s willing to work with a band and truly assist them in realizing their artistic vision is a whole other. EMG’s commitment to the latter is exactly why we’re here. DieHumane at its foundation is all about doing something with its own artistic fingerprint, whether it’s musically, visually, or our approach to playing live. We believe EMG is the perfect home for us."

  EMG Senior Artist Manager Damien Mitchell states:

“Excited is an understatement about the opportunity to work with,  DieHumane ! Working with an all-star band of this caliber is a real ‘pinch-me-is-this-really-happening,’ kind-of-moment in my career. DieHumane wrote an album that feels like a mental breakdown and ends with a glimmer of hope. Their lyrics tackle issues such as loss and isolation during the backdrop of the pandemic, that is where “The Grotesque” as a concept album thematically came from, so I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together!”

  DieHumane, i s an absolute must for fans of: Paradise Lost, A Perfect Circle, Gojira, & Nine Inch Nails ,’   this is a band that swims about as far away from the other fish as it gets. Imagine if Celtic Frost got into a car crash with A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, and Type-O-Negative while listening to Pink Floyd on the radio, and that crash sent them barreling down a hill to plow through a jazz band that was playing in the parking lot of a Gojira concert. That's DieHumane! DieHumane is heavily rooted in mood and atmosphere, from the brooding to the cathartic, from the hopeless to hopeful. Love them or hate them, it's a musical ride that you can only get from them!"

  DieHumane , will be discharging their musical performance-art-like sermon on a stage near you very soon, Stay tuned!" 

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