GESTOS: ‘European Tour 2023’ acontecerá entre julho e agosto, saiba mais! Thursday March 2 2023, 3:42 PM
GESTOS: ‘European Tour 2023’ acontecerá entre julho e agosto, saiba mais!

With the aim of promoting the forthcoming album “Blasphemous Words”, GESTOS announced that it will be leaving for Europe again at the beginning of this second semester. The 'European Tour 2023' is being organized by Etrurian Legion Promotion and will take place between July and August of this year, with plans to go through more than 5 countries in approximately 15 presentations, check it out:


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The aforementioned album “Blasphemous Words” will feature 10 tracks, 6 of which are brand new, two re-recordings of the first album – Countdown to Kill from 2007 – and the 2 singles already released in 2022, “Darkness Prayer” and “Blind Lamb”. This work is being recorded in two studios, the recording of the drums in Fligth Estúdio and the rest of the instruments, mixing and mastering in Dark Paradise Recordings, both in São Paulo/Brazil. Check out the cover made by the artist Alcides Burn (Burn Artworks):


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