Metal Devastation Radio features many opportunities for bands to reach new audiences, our web site is one of the most heavily trafficked out there and the best way to take advantage of all those metal heads looking at this site is to be featured on the front page !

    So how do you do that? Well its actually, pretty simple. MDR is set up as a community based social network, meaning everything you do on this site has a reaction. First thing you need to do is make a band page and unlike Facebook, if you are in a band, your profile here can be your band name. Just change it at any time in settings. Now on your page you have many sections to put things like audio for mp3 uploads, Youtube for video uploads and Soundcloud as well if that is your choice. Once you add your music to your page, you need to share it with all your fans and tell them to click the like buttons on the tracks. The site counts the likes and keeps track of them. On the front page we have a section for most liked items and in the menu we have a whole page dedicated to it called Top Tracks . Top Tracks is broken into 3 sections. Audio tracks, Soundcloud tracks and Youtube videos. These are charts that show the top ten items with the most likes automatically!

    These bands will be shared on Metal Devastation Radio's social media pages and the top ten audio tracks will be featured each week on The Zach Moonshine Show !

    Every month we also have a battle of the bands competition as well which is reserved for bands that are members of this site! We send out an email asking who all wants to battle and we make a poll on site.

    Watch this video to see how to set up your band page fast and easy!

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