90's Death Metal Wednesday July 19 2017, 5:25 AM
DJ Elric
90's Death Metal

Death Metal is one of the most controversial forms of music and has a vocal style that has an immediate dividing line between Metal heads   You either like guttural vocals or you hate them. The first time I heard something that was truly extreme was Napalm Death around 88. I was fascinated but kind of thought it was silly. It took me a little while to realize how great it was. Like a lot of genres I got into Death Metal a little late, in the early 90s I was still listening to a lot of Thrash and had also got into Punk. Also Grunge had broken through and I was obsessed with Pantera and Sepultura at the time. So why 90s Death Metal and not Death Metal in general. Well I did 90s Death Metal for my radio show in hindsight I should have done Death Metal in general as there are some great albums but the 90s is the classic era.   It wasn't until the mid to late 90s that I started to really get into Death Metal. The idea of creating music that is heavier, faster, darker and more complex than anything before really appeals to me. I like to call it immediate music because as soon as you hear something that heavy you are immediately drawn to it. It's all about pushing the envelope seeing how far you can take the music. Obituary were one of the first bands I got into they are a lot more slower and sludgier than most of the bands real dirty nasty sounding and for me have the best vocalist in Death Metal John Tardy. Slowly We Rot and Cause Of Death are classics the first 4 albums are great. Morbid Angel are one of my favourites really technical band lot's of strange time changes an amazing guitarist and drummer. Altars Of Madness and Blessed Are The Sick are both amazing albums the first 4 albums are also great. Other bands I really like are Bolt Thrower with their Punk inspired Death Metal. The brilliant but controversial Cannibal Corpse. Deicide from the home of Death Metal Tampa Florida. Carcass from the UK, Vader from Poland, Entombed from Sweden and probably the first Death Metal band the legendary Death. It's not a music form that had died off neither with countless bands from all over the world playing this music and with so many sub sub genres it seems there is always something you can do a little different with this style. It looks like there will always be kids out there wanting to play music that is brutal and heavy and long may it continue.   Here are my top 90s Death Metal albums in alphabetical order: MORBID ANGEL - Blessed Are The Sick Altars of Madness is a great album too but I love Blessed. As far as Death Metal goes this album has a very refined production everything is very clear. The songs take a lot of twists and turns more experimental than Altars but doesn't let up on the aggression. It's so ahead of It's time musically and technically. In my top 3 Death Metal albums of all time. Best songs: Fall From Grace, Brainstorm, Day Of Suffering, Unholy Blasphemies, Ancient Ones OBITUARY - Cause Of Death I like Slowly We Rot a lot but that's the 80s so I have gone for Cause Of Death their 2nd album. They actually slowed things down a lot more with this album songs are longer but still just as sludgy. The album is choc full of awesome riffs and gruesome lyrics and John Tardy's insane vocals. Best Songs: Infected, Chopped In Half, Find The Arise, Turned Inside Out ENTOMBED - Clandestine A difficult choice between Left Hand Path and Clandestine but I think I just like this album more. They introduced that super downtuned dirty guitar synonymous with the Swedish sound. If anything I think this album is even more sludgier that LHP. This was the last Death Metal album they did before the Death n Roll years. Best songs: Sinners Bleed, Evilyn, Blessed Be, Stranger Aeons  DEICIDE - Deicide This was voted as number 1 Death Metal album by MDR Groupies members and it's understandable why this is one of the best Death Metal albums.  It's another album from the famous Morrisound Studios that created that early sound. It's amazing this album Lot's of blast beats, crazy solo's heavy as fuck mid paced riffing and Glen Benton's disturbing satanic vocals. Best songs: Lunatic Of God's Creation, Sacrificial Suicide, Oblivious To Evil, Dead By Dawn, Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned CANNIBAL CORPSE - Eaten Back To Life The most notorious of all the Death Metal bands mainly because of their artwork, but that shouldn't take away from their music. This their debut album is a nasty piece of work which is great of course. Just full on in your face brutal Death Metal and album art to match. Best Songs: Shredded Humans, Scattered Remains Splattered Brains, Born In A Casket, Skull Full Of Maggots PARADISE LOST - Gothic The forerunners of the Death Doom style, this their 2nd album would be the last Death Metal album they would do until their most recent which was a big surprise. This is a very different album from the rest as it has orchestras and female vocals much more Gothic as the title suggests. Best songs: Gothic, Dead Emotion, Rapture, Eternal CARCASS - Heartwork Moving away from their grind roots they first did Necroticism which was a great album, fantastic guitar tone. Then they did this which kickstarted the whole melodic Death Metal movement. Really technically proficient album much more song based writing but still had blast beats all over it. A classic in the genre. Best songs: Buried Dreams, No Love Lost, Heartwork, This Mortal Coil, Blind Bleeding The Blind   FEAR FACTORY - Soul Of A New Machine Their only Death Metal album this is probably the first album to have guttural vocals and clean vocals together something that is so common today. Mixing grind with industrial this is a brilliant album. Burton's guttural vocals are great but he would stop doing that which is a bit of a shame. It has a bit of groove to it as well as crazy aggression a very underrated album. Best songs: Martyr, Scapegoat, Crash Test, Scumgrief, Big God Raped Souls, Arise Above Oppression   VADER - The Ultimate Incantation All 3 of their 90s albums are great but I really like the debut. Peter's voice is very different than the other albums sounding more gutteral. This the start of the new wave coming from Poland brought even more technical ability and ferocity to the table. Best songs: The Final Massacre, Reign Carrion, Demons Winds, Decapitated Saints BOLT THROWER - War Master Owing a lot to the Punk scene and with Jo Bench maybe the first female in a Death metal Bolt Thrower crafted a sound unique only to them. Realms Of Chaos as well as this album are great along with the fantastic album artwork this is War Death Metal at It's best. Best songs: What Dwells Within, Destructive Infinity, Cenotaph, Rebirth Of Humanity Thanks for reading and have a listen to my 90s Death Metal podcasts below