Industrial Metal Sunday October 15 2017, 10:20 AM
DJ Elric
Industrial Metal

These blogs are to coincide with the monthly specials I'm doing on the Into The Pit shows unfortunately I got a bit behind so I got some catching up to do :).  Industrial Metal is interesting, It's one of the few sub genres that can come from 2 separate musical fan bases but are still able to co exist, rather like Punk and Metal is acceptable now. Industrial fans don't mind a bit of Metal and Metal fans don't mind a bit of Industrial. I don't think you can say the same about Folk Metal for example, There's not going to be too many metal fans listening to folk and not a lot of Folk fans listening to Metal, but there is Folk Metal. The first band I got into like a lot of people was Ministry, but other bands I heard around that late 80s time were Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Head Of David and Big Black. Then later on I became obsessed with Fear Factory becoming one of my favourite bands of the 90s along with White Zombie. 90s Metal was very much tinged with Industrial as bands were experimenting with their sound.  Ministry are probably the most influential of all Industrial Metal bands. They started out as a kind of New Romantic type band then moved into more aggressive mode on Land Of Rape And Honey, but it wasn't until Psalm 69 when the tag of Industrial Metal really started. Since the 2000s though they have become almost more of a Thrash Metal band with super brutal albums like Houses Of The Mole and Rio Grande Blood. I got into Fear Factory when Demanufacture came out and that album was a total game changer. Just that production the futuristic sound I remember some reviewer saying this album is so advanced It's taking the piss. Then going back to Soul Of A New Machine being one of the first albums to have clean and harsh vocals on one album which was very new for the time. Then you had the brilliant concept album Obsolete. The band are able to carry a lot of emotional weight as well s being aggressive. Here are my top 10 Industrial Metal Albums in alphabetical order : WHITE ZOMBIE - Astro Creep 2000 I never really thought of them as Industrial Metal at the time they are hard to categorize but I suppose Industrial metal is fair enough. This album was huge at the time, they released a great album previously in Devil Music but really got the production spot on with this their 1995 album. Mixing horror theme's with samples and catchy groove Metal this was their crowning glory. Unfortunately success meant a lot of problems too so they split up not long after. Best songs: Electric Head Part 1 (the agony), Super Charger Heaven, Creature Of The Wheel, Electric Head Part 2 (the ecstasy), I Zombie, More Human Than Human.  STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - City This is a super aggressive wall of noise. With this and the previous album SYL really took metal to a place where it hadn't been before. Everything is just pushed to the maximum, big wall of guitars with huge synths and ridiculous drumming this was an assault on your senses. The band are no more but Heavy Devy is still making albums. Best songs: All Hail The New Flesh, Oh My Fucking God, Detox, Underneath The Waves.   FEAR FACTORY - Demanufacture In my top 3 all time top Industrial metal albums. This just blew me away. They were called Cyber Metal at the time because they had a futuristic quality about them. This album is flawless from start to finish. There is the precise machine like riffing, the synths which give it an epic sound, the unbelievable drumming and Burtons brilliant vocals mixing emotion and aggressiveness a template that has never really been matched. Best songs: Demanufacture, Self Bias Resistor, Zero Signal, Replica, H-K Hunter Killer, Pisschrist. NINE INCH NAILS - The Downward Spiral A massive album at the time but a really dark album too. Not really so much a Metal album although there are guitar moments. I still feel it can belong on this list. A very diverse and bizarre piece of work. It goes from Metal to Dance to strange Instrumentals whenever it feels like it. Definitely a precursor to what Marilyn Manson would go on to do. Best songs: Mr Self Destruct, Heresy, March Of The Pigs, Hurt KILLING JOKE - Pandemonium This was a great comeback album for a band that had split for a few years and had a change in style. 80s Killing Joke was great too, the debut album you could argue was the first Industrial Rock album. With Pandemonium though it brought Killing Joke into the modern era with heavier guitars and a much more Industrial Metal feel. A brilliant sounding album too. Best songs: Pandemonium, Exorcism, Millennium, Communion, Jana, Whiteout  NAILBOMB - Point Blank A one off side project back in 95 by Sepultura's Max Cavalera and Fudge Tunnel's Alex Newport. This is a ferocious mix of Punk and Industrial Metal which is still popular today even though they only played 2 gigs together (purposely ) . This album has the vibe of fuck everything we will do what the fuck we want and that really comes across in the music. Best songs: Wasting Away, Vai Toma No Cu, Cockroaches, World Of Shit, Religious Cancer. MINISTRY - Psalm 69 No one knows the official title of this album but that does not stop it being the quintessential Industrial Metal album, a classic from start to finish and the big breakthrough for the band. The guitars are a little more prominent than on previous albums but still has the machine like sound of Industrial, the perfect mix. Still acceptable in both Industrial Dance clubs as well as in Metal clubs the sign of a great crossover album. Best songs: NWO, Just One Fix, TV ll, Hero, Jesus Built My Hotrod, Psalm 69. GARY NUMAN - Pure  I was never really a big fan of Gary Numan but then he brought this album out in 2000. With Fear Factory and Marilyn Manson making strides I think Gary Numan was getting influenced by these newer bands. Again maybe less of an Industrial Metal album than some but definitely has Industrial Metal and gothic stylings. The album has great songs with superb singalong choruses. A surprising and bold move by Gary Numan but one that paid off even with the older fans. BIG BLACK - Songs About Fucking The earliest album In my list from 87. These were more considered a Punk band at the time but because of the high pitch squealing guitars and the drum machine Industrial has claimed them. This is a pretty insane album, raw noisy but very original sounding album, and no most of the songs are not about fucking most of them are about killing. Best songs: Power Of Independent Trucking, Bad Penny, Precious Thing, Colombian Necktie, Ergot, Fish Fry TERMINUS - Two Stages From Revolution  Now this will be an album no one will know about as they were a very small band that used to play a local club I went to back in the late 90s. They only released 2 albums this being there last, they split up soon after which was a real shame as they were a great live band. The drummer used to play an electric drum kit which was unusual to see in the Metal world. They mixed Groove Death Metal with 90s Rave music a combination that shouldn't work but does on this great album. Best songs: Stage 1, Nothing, Cybernation, No Weakness, Stage 2. Hope you liked my blog I will get one up a bit quicker next time. Check out the Industrial Metal special below