Showing the various music of Emperor Ov Larvae / Frozen Worm. Blackened Death from Belgium.
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New death metal split cd between FUMIGATION / THE PATH TO R'LYEH coming out April 28th on CDN Records.

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~Never Ending~
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8 months ago
So much to love about this band! Really tightly woven production, punch driven rhythms, & banshee death vocals all encapsulated by economical Mark Morten like leads. Four Skulls! 💀💀💀💀
Slave To Sirens Is Band Of The Month May 2018
Slave to Sirens is a thrash/death metal band from Lebanon, formed in 2016. They have performed various local gigs, including sharing the stage with Onslaught and...
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5 months ago
ELEFANTKILLER, ARKA and INTROTYL (All-Female Death Metal Band from Mexico City) DISCOUNTED BLACKTHORN 51 TICKETS are available here:
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Checkout Our Brand New Song "Never Ending"

#metal #music #ballad #love #death #despair
We are looking to collaborate with a good hardcore vocalist. No screamo, no death growls. Go listen to our 1st 2 trax on reverbnation. Contact us if you or you know someone who would be interested. Thx.
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