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UR 44 - Middle Eastern Mayhem - 132 - 4-15-17 MIDDLE EASTERN MAYHEM Metal 1 - BROTHERHOOD - Disciples Of Time - (Syria) - 5:48 2 - KARAJ ADEEM - Icons Of Isolation I - (Syria) - 7:32 3 - DARK PHANTOM - Dark Ages - (Iraq) - 0:21 4 - DARK PHANTOM - State Of War - (Iraq) -...
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A Curse Written Scarlet Lyra Melodic Death Metal The gates are open All the barriers are weak - rotting in moonlight Whirling dance through ghostly dusk, in revel Solstice deftly frays the seams between The real, the elements, and mind...
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With the Dead "Vessel of Solitude" (dB078) Decibel Magazine Metal Order the Decibel issue containing this WITH THE DEAD flexi disc here:
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Crypt Sermon "De Mysteriis Doom Sathanas"(dB077) Decibel Magazine Metal Order the Decibel issue containing this CRYPT SERMON flexi disc here:
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Episode 116 - Gene Simmons (KISS) Thunder Underground Rock In this episode we are joined by Gene Simmons of KISS. You wanted the best, you got the best: Gene sat down with us in Braman, Oklahoma, the future site of the first Rock n Brews Resort Hotel &...
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OLD SEASON - Scavenger (PURE STEEL RECORDS) Pure Steel Records Metal OLD SEASON – “Scavenger” – official single from the album „Beyond The Black“ - official release date: 19th of May 2017 by PURE STEEL RECORDS OLD SEASON - The Irish heavy metal band started in 2003...
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Mercury Rain - St Matthieu (Compendulum Megamix) bristolarchiverecords Metal ‘St Matthieu’ showcases the best of the genre. With its intro ‘Tales From Beyond’ sung in French, ‘St Matthieu’ features a brace of songs which thunder along, with furious riffs underpinning lush...
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Medusa1975: Heddin' For Armageddon Svart Records Medusa1975 has been around for a long time, although has undergone several member changes as indicative of many bands from that era. Gary and Donna Brown, the two original guitarists from the...
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