Hello Metal Devastion Radio. Sunday February 4 2018, 7:34 PM
Hello Metal Devastion Radio.

I am Myron Cotton and I am a solo artist . I started playing guitar when I was 22 and I grew up in the Lakeland as a result my favorite and most common stage was the beach. During the fall, winter, and spring I go to any performance venue I can find. I learn and create as much music as I can and have a blast doing it. I really like to move around on stage and put on a show. I am based out of Western Canada and throughout my musical journey I have experienced a wide variety of music .I was highly influenced by 3 doors Down ,Nickelback , and Puddle of Mudd. As you can tell from my YouTube videos I also play covers. I performed at talent shows, bars, open mic nights, the lakes, and had a blast doing it.   I'm always searching for the next stage to play, I'm 50% blues, 50% metal and 100% COTTON! Be sure to check out my official website www.myroncotton.com

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