The Second Coming of The Black Crowes Monday September 3 2018, 10:06 PM
The Second Coming of The Black Crowes

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The Black Crowes seem to be on an idefinite hiatus. In the mean time we will just have to content ourselves with The Magpie Salute, a hard rocking blues based outfit that features Black Crowes alumni Rich Robinson, Mark Ford and bassist Sven Pipien, as well as keyboardist Matt Slocum, drummer Joe Magistro, and vocalists Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen from Robinson's solo band. John Hogg handles lead vocal duties with passion and soul.

Formed in 2016, their first album (released a year later) was a live recording which featured a mix of Rich Robinson and Mark Ford songs from their solo work with one offical Magpie track, "Omission".

On August 10th of this year, they released their first studio album, "High Water I". The record shows that Robinson, Ford and company can still rock with the best of them. If you're a Black Crowes fan, you will want to give this record a try.

On this week's Bluesy Tuesday we discuss the first single, "Omission"

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