15 Times Led Zeppelin Went Metal Heavy Metal On Your Ass Wednesday August 29 2018, 8:35 AM
15 Times Led Zeppelin Went Metal Heavy Metal On Your Ass

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I know what you are thinking... Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, have both denied that Led Zeppelin was heavy metal. When you mention metal in the same sentence as Zeppelin in front of Page or Plant they get this look on their faces like you just cut the rudest fart ever.

Riddle me this; If it's true that Led Zeppelin in not metal, then why is it that SO many metal bands, especially those from the 1980's not only site them as a major influence but out right were trying to BE Led Zeppelin.

So much has happened in music since Zeppelin retired in 1980. Heavy metal grew into multiple sub-genres but when most people talk about the beginings of metal there are usually 3 bands Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Zeppelin does seem like the odd man here. They are the most "hippie" of the three and the most overtly blues based of the three, yet they definitely had their metal moments. As much as they sang about squeezing the lemon they also sang about vikings and wizards...which is very metal and while they always seemed to keep one foot in the blues, they laid serious metal ground work with tracks like Achillies Last Stand and The Immigrant Song.

This week on The Loudini Hard Rock and Metal Circus we uncover Zeppelin's most metal moments. Let us know if we missed any... what are your favorite Zeppelin metal moments?

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