Chasing Sanity annonces new full length album "Anathema" Tuesday May 23 2017, 3:59 PM
Chasing Sanity annonces new full length album "Anathema"

Chasing Sanity has announced a new full length album "Anathema" that will be released on June 23rd. The 9 track record is mostly an instrumental one, minus tracks featuring members of Isolated Antagonist, Varicella and Evil Sex Party. This is a break from the normal "electronicore" music that I was known for under the Erik Dismembered moniker and a turn in the direction of industrial metal mixed with horror inspired soundscapes. This release will also be available digitally worldwide via Amazon, Itunes, Spotify and Google while also being available as it's own station on Pandora mixed with similar more well known industrial metal artists. Stay tuned to the facebook page: and grab the preorder here: . (PR Kits available by request only, will send some out in the coming weeks, so if you're a DJ, I will be hooking you, I will not let you pay for material). I hope you guys enjoy this record as much as I spent the 1 year + writing and recording it! - Erik

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