Bands Pushing Boundaries
Tuesday April 4 2017, 9:48 AM
Bands Pushing Boundaries

We all know about the Suicide Silence record, it blows. This will not be defending them in anyway, but it did raise a question for me. They received a ton of hate for how bad it was, they claimed it pushed their personal boundaries, which if true, is fine, I can respect that, however, I didn't hear anything new or boundary pushing on the record. Moving on, I started going through comments of YouTube videos of bands that are actually pushing boundaries, or doing something you unique. While there were those that applauded them and became instafans, there was an overwhelming amount of hate. This is ironic for me. Why, you ask? Go through YouTube comments of bands that haven't changed their sound since inception and you'll see comments of "we want something new and fresh sounding", a band does it, and instantly gets shit on for it by most people. Why? Why, in a scene where the fans wants something new and different, do the majority of listeners then bash a band for being different or not sounding like this band or the other? I think we are on the precipice of something great in terms of people ACTUALLY wanting bands that stray from the beaten path. I've seen more comments and posts of people turning to the underground to find their new favorite artists and there are a TON of bands that have the chops to be the next torch holder for a new generation. In this ripe time to be in the music scene, I see more bands "playing it safe" for the sake of making money as compared to making what they really wanted, and that's a shame. More bands need to stand up and write and release what they want, without having to worry about being ridiculed into oblivion. The fans are begging for it, and bands want to write it, so what's the problem? When will our musical renaissance happen? Hopefully soon, it's time for a regime change.

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