Paul Saliga vocalist for 1818 will be live with Dj Metalgod

Paul Saliga vocalist for 1818 will be live with Dj Metalgod The MentalMetal Show- Metal devastation Radio Monday August 7 2017, 7:00 PM

Monday Aug 7th. 7Pm Est. Dj Metalgod Welcomes Paul Saliga vocalist for 1818 to talk about the album and history behind the name so tune in for a live interview and have your questions answered live on air

Somewhere between a holy vision and an overdose is 1818 a south central Pa band birthed from metal, rock, and ethereal vibes.

They've played, and fit nicely, with modern cover, grudge, hardcore, extreme, biker, doom, rock, metal, and punk acts, finding their niche somewhere in the middle of this sonic landscape.

Within a year of formation they will have shared the stage with national acts Flaw, Tantric, Sevendust, Trivium, and Like a Storm as well as numerous local and regional acts and joined the Coldcock Whiskey family through endorsement.

Their demo version of "seven" has also had rotation on internet radio stations and shows such as Extreme Metal Worx, Rock Radio Addict, and Real Radio Chaos. Studio time has been booked for the end of July, shortly after the release of "heireath" the ep.

1818 is quickly garnering a following playing Pa, Md, WV, and Va venues. Their live shows move and entice you and bring you on a journey though parts of your psyche once thought dead and gone through years of regression therapy.

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