Gravewards Written Interview With DJ Doomslayer Thursday September 6 2018, 10:00 PM
Gravewards Written Interview With DJ Doomslayer

1. How’s it going?
Hey Alex , everything is fine although a bit stressful as of lately but that’s life.
I am waiting for the summer to end cause here in Greece is like a boiling process…
2. What plans does Gravewards have for 2018?
Well , for sure we will start to compose new songs cause we are overloaded with ideas as
usal..maybe new releases in the form of a 7 ep or something short..before we start working
on a new album.
For the time being , the most important thing is to enjoy our debut release and see the roots
of it growing in the hearts of the devoted freaks out there.
3. What is the theme or message of your album ‘Ruinous Ensoulment’?
Well there is no message or a specific theme behind it..its not a concept album , so
every song has its own madness and sickness to spread…Imagine a collage or a
puzzle with different pieces , all of them serving one final image. Different aspects
of the same monstrosity.
4. Are there any Lovecraftian themes on the album and if so, then what Lovecraft
stories inspired you guys?
Unconsciously for sure..His stories are monumental and one of my favorite writers
without a second thought and that makes it impossible to say which of his stories
can be called as a main inspiration…
Its unavoidable and logical if you thing that his macabre tales cover almost all of
the areas that horror ever dwelt … we owe him a great deal.
5. What track from the album took the most time and effort to make?
Damn , I think all of them hahaha!!!!
Indeed , all of the tracks have parts that during the recording process needed
more time and attention.
6. Who did the killer artwork for the album?
Mark cooper is the mind behind it..a mastermind .
7. How long has Gravewards been around?
3 earthy years…fighting against time to materialize our countless musical ideas.
8. What is it like being part of Unspeakable Axe Records?
A great feeling man..everything works so smoothly …it couldn’t have been better.
We are delighted that they honouring us with total support.
9. What is the heavy metal scene in Greece like?
We are not updated at all , but Greece has always been full of music.
10. What bands inspired you guys?
Many …but if i have to randomly pick some , I would say possessed , death ,
slayer, deicide et cetera…
11. Do you have any weird stories from shows or tours?
We have no live activity as of yet…so I can only imagine.
12. Will Gravewards be playing any shows in the near future?
It’s not a priority for us , but if we feel like it we will..we prefer to work harder and
harder in rehearsal rooms and improve ourselves.
13. What are the best ways for people to support your band?
Needless to say , that metal without the physical format of it…tapes, cds , records
and stuff is nothing…So grab our cd now and enjoy it in full splendor and maximum
audio quality

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